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Welcome to the website of The Krasnow Law Firm, an experienced personal injury law firm offering our clients the confidence, experience and success so vital to obtaining real justice for an injury today. As a law firm focused exclusively on voicing and protecting the rights of the wrongfully injured, we work on the front lines of personal injury and medical malpractice law, helping victims of medical malpractice, tractor trailer crashes, car wrecks, and other forms of personal injury obtain the financial means they need and deserve to put their lives back together again. If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence, carelessness or wrongdoing of someone else, then we want to speak with you.

Taking on Some of the Toughest Personal Injury Cases

Based in Roanoke, Virginia and serving the people of Southwest Virginia, Virginia and West Virginia, The Krasnow Law Firm has consistently been among the top personal injury firms in Virginia since its founding in 1977. The Krasnow Law Firm was the first firm in the Roanoke Valley to limit its practice exclusively to all types of personal injury litigation. Our long record of success has equipped us with the experience and resources to successfully prosecute personal injury and medical malpractice cases that less tested firms simply can't afford to, or won't, take on. In fact, some of our best results have come from injured clients who were discarded and forgotten, first by the insurance companies, and then by attorneys who said their cases were too difficult or costly to win. We believe that when true justice is within reach for a seriously injured client, it should be pursued with all the energy and resources we possess. For thirty-one years, we have been true to that belief, representing injured people from the Roanoke Valley, Southwest Virginia and across Virginia and West Virginia in the toughest Serious Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Legal Malpractice cases in the areas of: Car and Tractor Trailer Crashes and Medical Malpractice.

A Team Led By a Top Trial Attorney Devoted to Your Recovery

In today's political climate, too many politicians seem more interested in protecting big businesses and their insurance companies, and the basic rights of the people are rapidly losing ground. During the past several years, safety standards and regulations in many fields, including medicine, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing have been watered down or eliminated altogether. Such efforts undermine decades of safety advances undertaken to make the world a more safe and secure place for all of us.

With the Bush administration having made protecting big business by making it harder or impossible for seriously injured people to receive full restitution for their injuries a top initiative in its domestic agenda, the already fragile rights of injured people and their families face even more peril. The constant assertion by the President and others that medical malpractice lawsuits are increasing and driving up malpractice insurance premiums, a fact rather convincingly disproved by several recent studies, has made winning even the most meritorious cases more difficult.

But whatever legal challenges may come, The Krasnow Law Firm will continue to lead its injured clients to the best solutions available to them. Firm founder, Jeff Krasnow, was the first attorney in the Roanoke Valley to be Certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.  He has been awarded with an AV rating indicating the highest degree of legal skill and adherence to ethical rules based on a survey of lawyers in the community conducted and published by Martindale-Hubbell.  He is also listed in the book Best Lawyers in America and for the last several years has been named a "Virginia Super Lawyer." Jeff Krasnow is first and foremost a trial lawyer, with tremendous skill and experience in persuading judges and jurors to see every personal injury case for what it is - an act of negligence that has caused irreparable harm to our innocent client. We accomplish this through:

  • Thorough and professional investigation of the circumstances of your case, asking the right people the right questions that can expose acts of negligence and violations of the laws that govern an irresponsible party's neglected duty to our client's safety and well being.  
  • Working with highly respected and proven experts across a wide array of fields related to personal injury and medical malpractice law to support the facts of our client's case, often using multiple experts in each case to address the medical, financial and emotional loss our client has endured. 
  • Delivering a clear and strong presentation of the facts of your case, demonstrating the causal relationship between your injury and the negligent party's actions, and persuading juries and even insurance companies of the many reasons they are obligated to punish a negligent party with a substantial award or make a large settlement.

Thank you for visiting the website of The Krasnow Law Firm. If you or a loved one has been injured through no fault of your own, we urge you to contact us as Jeff Krasnow is an attorney experienced in personal injury law and committed to giving you top legal representation. The Krasnow Law Firm can provide that for you, starting today. Our motto is "We make your case our cause" and we truly believe that and live it each and every day in fighting for our clients.

Serious Personal Injuries

Roanoke, Virginia personal injury attorney representing victims of car, truck and tractor trailer crashes and medical malpractice obtain the compensation they need to restore their lives. With our experience in cases of brain injury, spinal cord injury, dismemberment and severe burns, we’ve helped many families get the financial security that negligent parties owe them for their dangerous mistakes. In the Roanoke Valley, Southwest Virginia, Virginia and West Virginia victims of serious personal injury should contact The Krasnow Law Firm today.

Medical Malpractice

Roanoke, Virginia medical malpractice attorney helping victims of a hospital, doctor or nurse’s negligent medical care obtain fair compensation for injury and wrongful death. When doctors make serious surgical errors, or fail to diagnose an illness in a timely fashion, or when nurses make mistakes in administering medication or anesthesia, The Krasnow Law Firm is there to assert and defend the rights of injured patients and their families.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Law in Virginia and West Virginia. If you are a resident of Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg or other areas of Southwest Virginia, Virginia or West Virginia, and have legal questions about your legal rights to financial recovery after a loved one has died from a car crash medical malpractice or other circumstances, contact the Roanoke based Krasnow Law Firm today.

Legal Malpractice

When a lawyer makes a mistake in a case, the client has a right to sue the lawyer, especially if the mistake resulted in serious financial losses for the client. Located in Roanoke, Virginia, The Krasnow Law Firm represent clients who become victims of legal malpractice in the legal areas of personal injury and medical malpractice If you need assistance pursuing a charge of legal malpractice against an attorney, contact The Krasnow Law Firm today.

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