A Top Lawyer for Medical Malpractice Cases in Roanoke, Virginia

At their worst, medical malpractice cases involve devastating injuries and severe financial loss to those involved. Getting our injured clients the compensation they need and deserve is one of the greatest satisfactions in the legal profession. At the Roanoke based Krasnow Law Firm, we are committed to righting wrongs and bringing peace and financial security to our clients’ shattered lives.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

The most common examples of medical malpractice include a physician’s failure to diagnose a medical condition, failure to provide timely and proper treatment or improper surgical techniques in the operating room. Other instances might be the incorrect prescription or administration of medicine or anesthesia, or a nurse's failure to properly care for a patient  incapable of caring for himself or herself. Like other types of personal injury, these Medical Malpractice cases require proof that the defendant was negligent and that the patient’s injuries were caused by that negligence. Medical malpractice is a highly technical and complicated field of personal injury. It is the most difficult, time consuming and expensive type of case we handle on a regular basis.

“Malpractice” is nothing more than a $2 word for negligence applied to a health care provider. There are special rules that apply in medical negligence cases. The injured party must prove that the defendant healthcare provider violated the applicable standard of care; that is that the defendant did something that a reasonable and prudent practitioner in their field of medicine would not have done under the same circumstances or failed to do something that a reasonable and prudent practitioner would have done. In order to win a Medical Malpractice case, the plaintiff must have an expert witness who practices in the same field of medicine. That expert must be willing to come into court and say that the defendant committed malpractice and what injuries resulted from the malpractice.

The necessity for expert witnesses is a major factor in making medical malpractice cases very expensive. They have become so expensive, that, unfortunately, it is simply not economically feasible, for the client or the attorney, to pursue a Medical Malpractice case unless there has been a truly serious and often permanent injury.  At the Krasnow Law Firm we do not accept Medical Malpractice cases unless we believe there has been an injury that is so serious that if we win the damages will be at least $300,000.  With damages below this amount, it simply is not going to be profitable for either the client or the lawyer to pursue the case.

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